Blacklisted Brokers & Bots Scam

Blacklisted Brokers by the regulation authorities

binary-options-scam Please note that all the brokers listed below are prohibited in Europe by the regulation authorities. You are advised to think hard before putting your money on these platforms. In case of problems, you will have absolutely no recourse. In addition these brokers are in breach of European laws by accepting you as a client.

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Auto-trading software confirmed SCAMS

binary-options-scamEvery website listed below has been categorized as SCAMS by our team due to a huge amount of complaints. Please note that some review websites are paid by these scams to write positive reviews of them. DO NOT trust any of them at any cost.

Auto-trading software
AlgoMaster System
Alive In 5
Amissio Formula
ArmChair Millionaire
Ataraxia 7
Atlas Intelligence
Aussie Method
Auto Profit Replicator
Auto Profit Signals
Auto Wealth Bot
Automated Cash Signals
Aurum Tech
Awesome Income App
Azure Method
Bahama Banker
Bank Tracker Bot
Banker Profit System
Bayesian Binary
Binary 5
Binary Assassin
Binary Boom
Binary Brain Trust
Binary Chaos
Binary Freedom Formula
Binary Hijack
Binary Interceptor
Binary Matrix Pro
Binary Option Robot
Binary Profit Method
Binary Secret
Binary Vault
Bitcoin Money Machine
Brexit Bot
Brexit Money Machines
Brit Method
Canuck Method
Cash Code
Cash Crew
Cash Formula
Cash Loophole
Centument Project 2.0
Certified Income
Channel Ranger
Charity Profits
Cheat The Odds
China Millionaire
Citi News
Classified Profits
Click Money
Click Trade App
Code Fibo
Coffee Cash Cheat
Coffee Shop HackDroid
Commodity Robot
Compound Trader
Confirmed Profits
Convergence Sniper
Copy The Pro
Copy buffet
Crazy ATM
Currencies Club
Currency Code Counter
Daily Binary Profits v7
Daily Trader Club
DeepNet Trading
Digitized Day Trader
Direct Profits
Disrupt Trading
Dow Jones Focus Group
Dr Binary
Dream Catcher
Dream Profits
Drexel Code
Dubai Lifestyle App
Dutch Method
Easy Money Method
Einstein Profits Method
Elite Gold Profits
Elite Millionaire Society
Elite Trader App
Extreme Profits System
FB App Bot
Fap Turbo 2.0
Fast Cash Biz
Final Algo
Finance Herald
Financial Echo
Fintech Limited
First Class Profits
First Online Payday
Fisher Method
Five Minute Experiment
Flip My Binary Account
Free Money Guaranteed System
GPS Trader
Gemini 2 Software
Global Millionaires Club
Global Profits
Gold Digger
Gold Trade MicroSystem
Golden Binary Profits
Golden Goose Method
Golden Paradigm
Google Trader
Greenwood Formula
Greg Insider Method
Guaranteed Outcome
Guaranteed Payouts
Guaranteed Profits
Guaranteed Wealth
HFT Shield
Harvard Signals
Hedge Formula Group
Hercules Profit Pro
Hoffman Stein Nexus App
iFollow Club
Infinite Binary Profits
Infinite Profits
Inner Trading Circle
Insider John (App 810)
Instant Cash Club
Insured Profits
Insured Trading
Irish Method
Italian Method
Jarvis Formula
JMB Profit Machine
Larry’s Cash Machine
Legal Insider Bot
Lie Detector Millionaire
Limitless Profits
LinkedIn Earning
Live Profits
London System
Lucky 350
Lucky Rich Kid
Mad Max Profits
Magic Money Machine
Magnetic Profit
Master Sniper Trading
Mega Profix
Midas Method
Midas Touch App
Midnight Money Machine
Military Millionaire
Million Dollar Months
Millionaire Blue Print
Millionaire Shield
Millionaires Club
Mirror Trader
Mobile Binary Code
Mobile Money Millionaire
MockingBird Method
Monaco Millionaire
Moneta Method
Monte Carlo Method
My Binary Revenge
My Cash Bot
My Profit Formula
My Quick Cash Plan
Night Owl Signals
Onassis Alliance
One Step Ahead Program
Online Black Market
Option Bot 3.0
Opus Formula
Orion Code
Oz Robot
Passive Income Bot
Pearson Method
Percent Ticket
Perfect Profits
Perpetual Formula
Phoenix Trading
Playboy Money Machine
Plenitude Formula
Polygraph Millionaire
Power Profit Platform
Profit Genius
Profit Insider Pro
Profit Magnet
Profit Maximizer
Profit Shield
Profit Stackers
Profit with Cindy
Profits Eternity
Profit Maximizer
Profits Infinity
Profits Now
Profit Replicator
Profits Today
Protected Profits
Prove My Profit
Proven Profits
Push Button Commissions
Push Button Salaries
Push Money App
Qbits Mega Profit
Quantum Code
Quantum Income Machine
Quick Cash System
Rapid Income Method
Real Profits
Regal Wealth
Rich Mom
Rock The Stock
Royce Code
Safe Income
Safe Trader App
Safe Zone Strategy
Saffa Method
Samaritan System
Sarah’s Confession
Satellite Trader
Secret Millionaires Club 2016
Secret Money Vault
Secret To Success
Shepard SDP
Silver Millionaire
Simple Profits
Sleeping Money Machine
Snapcash Binary
Spectre System
Spectrum 7
Spider Profit
Star Wars Binary Bot
Stark Trading System
Stock Market JackPot
Swarm Intelligence
Sydney System
TSI System
Terabit Trader
Terran Capitals
The $100K Club
The 1 Percent Club
The Covert Society
The Financial Echo
The Malay Method
The Millionaire Bot
The Millionaires Club
The Millionaires Maker
The Trading Compass
The Wall Street LifeStyle
Theory of Wealth
Tokyo Bot
Trade Sniper
Trade Tracker Pro
Trade X Confidential
Traders Revenge
Trend Trader App
Triple Threat Trade
UnderDog Millionaire Pro
Verified Trader
Virtual Income
WallStreet Focus Group
Wealthy Trader
Wealthy Wheat Trader
Wells Investments LTD
WorldWide Domination
Your Legacy Club
Zen Trader
Zero Loss Formula
Zeus 2
Zulander Hack
$100M Dollar Club
10 Day Social Profits
100 Percent Profit Bot
10K In 7 Days
15K In 15 Minutes
18 Minutes
1K Daily Profit
2015 Millionaires’ Club
21 Days to Riches
3 Week Millionaire
30 Day Change
50K Mission
5K Daily Profit Club
7 Day Millionaire
7 Figure Challenge
7 Figure Club
7 Figure Months
97 Partners
98 Success