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Reviewer:     James Goode

Verdict:        Scam

Rating:         0 out of 5

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Date:            2020-04-01

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Our scam busting experts will help you to recover your investment - Free signup Review are an unregulated new crypto trading company claiming to be located in the United Kingdom.

We checked the UK address provided on their website and we can confirm that they have no office at the address listed.

They use VOIP (Internet telephones) to make it appear that they are calling from the UK or whatever country they wish.

Forcryptotrade appear to mainly market to clients in Europe and the USA via telephone marketing and posting on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Their website domain name was only just recently registered in December 2019: whois details

We can also see that the domain name owner information for Forcryptotrade has been concealed to hide the owners identity using a service called "Privacy Protect".

Forcryptotrade is unregulated and as such your invested funds are not protected or secured in any way!

This company is not authorized to provide you financial services in any country and as such you should not think of investing any of your funds in such a company.

Forcryptotrade use an online web trading platform provided by a company called "Sanfrix" which they have total control over allowing them to manipulate trades and fees at will: platform

This company should not be trusted with your funds as they have not even passed basic due diligence tests. review

Usually scams like this will make you some small profits on a small investment before then convincing you to add a big sum of money which you will then never see again!

The honest truth is that this company is unregulated and your funds are not protected and you would be crazy to trust and invest in such a company.


28 St. George Street - W1S 2FA - London - United Kingdom

Telphone numbers:


Email address:

[email protected]

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Issues withdrawing your funds from forcryptotrade?

Our scam busting experts will help you to recover your funds
- Free signup

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Can I get help getting my money back from

Yes! Click on the scammed banner on this page or click on the menu item 'help for victims'.

Are you sure that this company is a scam?

Yes! All of the companies on our website are likely scams and are unregulated companies.

Should i withdraw my funds now?

Yes! You should not trade with an unregulated company under any circumstances.

How long does it take to get my money back?

It depends on the method used to make your investment, contact us for more details.

Am i 100% going to get my money refunded?

It depends on a number of factors, contact us for more information and help.

How much does it cost to recover my funds?

It depends on a number of factors, contact us for more information.